Measure for Measure Popular

September 27 through September 29 at 8pm
September 29 at 2pm
Yale Repertory Theater

Measure for Measure is Shakespeare's most provocative and paranoiac play, a portrait of a city in turmoil thanks to its citizens' unruly desires and its rulers' oppressive hypocrisy. It is a play about the justice system that questions the very basis of how we judge others; a play about lust and love whose characters constantly fail to tell the difference between the two; and a play where characters' lives are lost and found in the intersection of religion, politics, and sex. In short, it's a play most assuredly about us, and one that will be well-served by a dystopian production design that, like all imagined dystopias, lets us reflect on our world and its anxieties through a defamiliarizing lens.

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Lucy Fleming - Isabella
Mitchel Kawash - Angelo, Barnadine
Lucie Ledbetter - Mariana, Second Gentleman, Office, Justice
Iason Togias - Duke
Kyle Yoder - Claudio, Elbow
Catherine Chiocchi - Juliet, Francisca, Froth
BJ White - Escalus, Abhorson
Clio Contogenis - Lucio
Miranda Rizzolo - Mistress Overdone, Friar Peter, Servant
Alexander Oki - Pompey
Otis Blum - Provost
Leonard Thomas - Friar Thomas, First Gentleman, Officer, Lord

Production Staff

Director - Alexi Sargeant
Producer -Derek Braverman
Stage Manager - Pek Shibao
Set Designer - Jonah Coe-Scharff
Costume Designer - Marisa Kaugars
Technical Director - Stephanie Adcock
Lighting Designer - Javier Cienfuegos
Master Electrician - Monica Ague
Sound Designer - Juliet DeButts
Props Designer - Allie Mandeville
Projections Designer - Jeffrey Star
Sound Engineer - Nick Baskin
Graphic Designer - Max Pommier
Dramaturg - Rachel Barnas
Paint Charge - Karolina Ksiazek

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