Parade Popular

November 20 at 8pm
November 21 at 8pm
November 22 at 1:30pm and 7:30pm
November 23 at 8pm
University Theatre

Parade deals with a dark episode in our nation's history, and brilliantly turns that story into the stuff of musical theater. Unlike most musicals, this show’s theatrical power hinges on fact rather than fiction. It’s not set in some dark dystopia, sumptuous drawing room, or storybook kingdom. Instead, the story unfolds in a quintessentially American town over the span of three Memorial Day parades just one century ago. The fantastical element of Parade is American history itself. But Parade isn’t entirely cynical; it takes care to remind us that tenaciously good and loving people can profoundly impact the course of history. The story encompasses almost every pocket of early-twentieth-century Atlanta from the Governor’s mansion to the chain gang. We'll be shuttling, lightning-fast, between the public and private realms and high and low society. We'll move between the exuberance of the crowd and the contemplativeness of the individual. We'll delve into historical detail and explore elemental truth. And yes, we'll sing our hearts out, perfect our drawls, and dance together, too.


Angela - Alexandra Butler
Essie - Alyssa Miller
Judge Roan, Old Confederate Soldier - Bryce Wiatrak
Tom Watson - Carson Dunlap
Jim Conley, Newt Lee - Carter Michael
Monteen - Catherine Chiocchi
Frankie Epps - Christian Probst
Officer Ivey, Luther Z. Rosser - Conor Bagley
Minnie McKnight - Dianne Lake
Mary Phagan - Emma Hathaway
Governor John Slaton, Britt Craig - Gabe Greenspan
Mrs. Phagan - Ginna Doyle
Hugh Dorsey, Young Confederate Soldier - Henry Gottfried
Detective JN Starnes, Mr. Peavy - Jackson Thea
Iola Stover - Laurel Durning-Hammond
Sally Slaton - Lucie Ledbetter
Riley - Michael Protacio
Leo Frank - Nathaniel Janis
Lucille Frank - Sarah Chapin

Production Staff

Director - Sarah Krohn
Producer - Derek Braverman
Stage Manager - Gabriella Heifetz
Musical Director - Phil Jameson
Choreographer - Katie Rose McLaughlin
Lighting Designer - Jake DeGroot
Set Designer - Jason Sherwood
Sound Designer - Sharath Patel
Costume Designer - Loren Shaw
Props Designer - Charlotte Juergens
Master Electrician - Hillary Luong
Technical Director - Seth Lifland
Sound Engineer - Nick Baskin
Dramaturg - Javier Cienfuegos
Head Rigger - Kyle Yoder
Graphic Designer - Chanthia Ma
Diction Coach - Julie Foh
Fight Choreographer - Mike Rossmy
Assistant Director - Isaac Hudis

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