Middletown Popular

October 10 at 8pm
October 11 at 8pm
October 12 at 2pm and 8pm
Yale Repertory Theatre

People are born, people die, but those are just two events; the really interesting stuff is in the middle. We all have our stories: of families, of listening to music, of rainy mornings, sunny afternoons, good times, bad times, and times in between. Welcome to Middletown, where we come to realize that our lives aren't all that different from others, whether they are our neighbors, our loved ones, or complete strangers. People come, people go, but our stories stick around.


John Dodge - Christopher Bakes
Mrs. Swanson - Marina Horiates
Cop - Leonard Thomas
Librarian, Aunt - Anya Richkind
Mechanic, Greg - Kendrick Kirk
Public Speaker, Tour Guide, Freelancer, Landscaper, Janitor - Simone Policano
Male Tourist, Man, Male Doctor, Attendant - Dave Harris
Female Tourist, Woman, Female Doctor, Attendant 2 - Ali Viterbi
Sweetheart - Lily Shoretz


Director - Kyle Yoder
Producer - Henry Tisch
Stage Manager - Angeline Wang
Set Designer - Shoshana Bieler
Lighting Designer - Hillary Luong
Sound Designer - Chris Homburger
Costume Designer - Marisa Kaugars
Music Composer - Tim Laciano
Technical Director - Robert Loweth
Master Electrician - Javier Cienfuegos
Sound Engineer - Kevin Su
Props Master - Natalie Punzak
Paint Charge - Charlotte Newell
Graphic Designer - Emily Monjaraz
Hair and Makeup Artist - Charlotte Juergens

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