All My Sons Popular

October 2 at 8pm
October 3 at 8pm
October 4 at 2pm and 8pm
Yale Repertory Theatre

ALL MY SONS is a masterpiece of American theater written by the nation’s most celebrated playwright. A devastating drama about an ordinary family on a single day in August after the long-awaited end of WWII, it whispers in the language of Greek tragedy and pulsates with dark depictions of family, fortune, and what it means to make it in America. During the war, the family's patriarch, Joe Keller, sold faulty engine parts to the military, resulting in the death of 21 pilots. The play depicts Joe’s family and community three years later, as his oldest son remains missing in action, his younger son plans on leaving home to get married, and his former business partner begins to speak out about the true extent of Joe’s crime. A modern classic that commands attention, ALL MY SONS holds a mirror up to its audience and contemporary American society, and reflects back a dark image.

Director - Isaac Hudis
Producer - Hannah Worscheh
Stage Manager - Gabriella Heifetz
Technical Director - Ryan Reza
Lighting Designer - Ava Hunt
Master Electrician - Roger Pellegrini
Sound Designer - Hannah Friedman
Set Designer - Margaret Gleberman
Costume Designer - Ivy Sanders Schneider
Props Designer - Alicia Lovelace
Dramaturg - Eve Houghton

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Date of run
October 2 - 4
Fall 2014
Experimental Production
Yale Repertory Theatre

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