The Dramat Board

Executive Board
The Executive Board is elected by the membership at semiannual elections. The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Special Events Coordinator, and Fall Mainstage Producer are elected in December. The Secretary, Production Officer, Marketing Director, and Spring Mainstage Producer are elected in May. The term of an Executive Board member is one year.

IMG 6208President: Jonathan Lian, JE '15
The President is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Board and ensuring the effective functioning of all departments within the Association. He represents the Association in any negotiations with Yale University and runs all meetings of the Executive Board and of the Producing Membership. 

 Jonny is a senior in Jonathan Edwards majoring in Global Affairs. He is visibly happy when he is producing theatre, giving haircuts, and walking around in flip-flops. After midnight, he can most probably be found curled up in his bed eating ramen out of a tupperware bowl.


KyleVice President:
Kyle Yoder, BR '15 
The Vice President assists the President and conducts meetings in the absence of the President. He takes responsibility for all Association Correspondence, including that with the alumni, as well as being in charge of fundraising. 

Kyle is a Cognitive Science major, a senior in Branford College, and a proud founding member of CWB. All he needs in life are good friends, good food, and good theatre; fortunately, he somehow manages to always have all three nearby.



Jill Carrera, JE '17
The Secretary takes minutes at all Board meetings. She is also responsible for the administration of all e-mail and membership lists, as well as for compiling and sending out the weekly Theater Bulletin. The secretary is also responsible for many of the daily operations of the Dramat, including coordinating elections.

 Jill was swept off her feet by the theatre world her freshman year of high school when she auditioned for something "just for kicks!" Since then, she's worked on a number of original plays as well as musicals including Xanadu, Sweet Charity, and most recently, Avenue Q. She's very excited to be a part of the Executive Board as a sophomore and continue her theatre life with the Dramat! 


Treasurer: Marisa Kaugars, TC '15
The Treasurer is in charge of the Dramat's finances. She runs financial strikes, writes and deposits checks, and does the Dramat's taxes. She also creates yearly financial reports to track the Dramat's costs and expenditures. 

Marisa Kaugars is an architecture major who has a terribly wonderful habit of spending more time in the costume shop than in the woodshop. If she were to make a list of things she loves as much as theater, it would be short : tea, fuzzy socks, and cuddling, because these are the best companions to tech weeks. 



bio.pngProduction Officer:
Charlotte Newell, TC '16
The Production Officer is responsible for communication between the Dramat and the School of Drama and is also the primary liaison to the Technical Advisor. She is in charge of ensuring that all show activities are carried out safely and efficiently, and that all Drama School facilities and equipment are treated with the utmost care. She is in command during load-ins and strikes of all Dramat shows 

Charlotte is majoring in Global Affairs and so proud to be in Trumbull College (MOO-RAH!). No, she doesn't want to be president. No, she probably won't end up working for the UN. But she hopes to one day find a job that allows her to travel and maybe get paid too? Until she figures out some more specifics on that front, she likes to spend her time at the beach in Florida, playing with power tools (with proper supervision) and building sets in the Dramat's scenic shop, and dousing her perfectly good clothes in layer upon layer of paint.




vivathMarketing Director: Vivath Ly, BR '16 
The Marketing Director works with graphic designers to create posters, programs, and a signboard to advertise each Dramat show. He is also responsible for securing advertising contracts for programs. He coordinates with Yale and local media for advertising and reviews of Dramat shows.


 The Branford dining hall staff think of Viv as the guy who uses up all the Sriracha sauce. His professors think of him as the seemingly emotionless kid who likes to sit in one corner slowly sipping his Starbucks. His friends think of him as the one who’s obsessed with Ritz crackers and Snapple. He's a nice guy...well, unless you try to take away his Ritz crackers. 

doug2Special Events Coordinator: 
Douglas Streat, MC '16
The Special Events Coordinator organizes all of the extra events for the membership, such as the birthday party, membership dinner, and DRAMATalks. 

Doug is a junior in Morse College prospectively majoring in Psychology/Neuroscience. When he does theater, he sometimes looks like this or this. Most of the time, however, he can be found hiding behind a light board or buried in a folder of spreadsheets.


HenryFall Mainstage Producer: 
Henry Tisch, DC '16
The Fall Mainstage Producer produces the biggest show of the fall semester. His responsibilities include (in collaboration with the rest of the Executive Board) selection of the plays and hiring the professionals. He lines up the student staff and crew, organizes auditions, creates the budget, runs production meetings, and coordinates with the fire and safety inspectors. Ultimately, he makes sure that the show goes up on time, within the budget, and in the best form possible. 


Henry is a junior in Davenport and an American Studies major. When not in a theater, he can often be found in various libraries sending emails about shows or reading Buzzfeed articles loosely related to theater (or One Direction).


susannahSpring Mainstage Producer:
Susannah Hyde, SY '17 
The Spring Mainstage Producer's duties are essentially the same as those of the Fall Mainstage Producer. However, the Spring Mainstage is generally a straight play, and exceptional students are given the opportunity to design alongside the professional director and designers.

Susannah is a freshman in Saybrook and prospective major of something cool and exciting. When not in the theatre…Hmm. She should probably work on that. 


Associate Board

The Associate Board is appointed by the Executive Board on an application basis. The term of an Associate Board member lasts one semester.

399904 10200971401789614 855427367 nScenic Shop Manager: Hannah Friedman, SY '17
The Scenic Shop Manager is responsible for maintaining a clean and orderly shop. This responsibility includes keeping an updated inventory of available supplies, ordering new tools and supplies when necessary, managing the scenic shop budget, and regularly working with the Production Officer and sets crews of Dramat shows to ensure the shop is appropriately cleaned. He or she works with the Assistant Production Officer to coordinate at least two workshops per semester on subjects such as tool use and construction techniques. 

When not cleaning the shop/organizing the shop/telling TDs to clean and organize the shop, Hannah likes to do sets and sound and sometimes hang things from the ceiling. Sometimes all of these things collide, and it makes her happy. She is a Sociology (?) major, and also enjoys tea and coconut ice cream. 


photo3Electrics Shop Manager:
Grace Shu, MC '18
The Electrics Shop Manager is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Master Electrician's toolkit and the Dramat gel, lamp, and gobo inventory. This responsibility includes keeping an updated inventory of available supplies, ordering new supplies when necessary in conjunction with the Master Electrician of each show, and keeping the gel supply organized and easily accessible.

Grace is a freshman in Morse College who takes pleasure in library hopping, listening to Bon Iver and Rainy Mood simultaneously, and complaining about cold weather. She specializes in 2000's hits karaoke and making apple pie. However, she has yet to stop using Google Maps to navigate the campus or to buy snow boots.



942460 10151374368872811 1918776665 nPaint Shop Manager: Emma Healy, ES '18
The Paint Shop Manager is responsible for the maintenance of the paint room in the Dramat scenic shop. His or her responsibilities include keeping inventory, ordering new supplies when needed, and coordinating with the Dramat's Production Officer and set/paint crews to keep the paint room clean and orderly. 

Emma Healy is a freshman in Ezra Stiles college. If there are thunderstorms, quality music, fuzzy blankets or Ben and Jerry’s, she is content. She enjoys sleeping - probably too much.


jillAssistant Marketing Directors:
Brittany Stollar, MC '17 and Alexa Derman, BK '18

The Assistant Marketing Directors work with the Marketing Director to create and enact a cohesive marketing campaign for each of the Dramat's shows and special events.  This includes leading marketing projects, working with graphic designers to produce and distribute various promotional materials, acting as an administrator of social media, helping to design and paint the signboards, and aiding in the compilation of the programs for each show.  Finally, they assist the Marketing Director in coordinating cross-promotions with other organizations and securing advertisements with local businesses.

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Brittany is a sophomore from New York City and has yet to declare her major. She’s still figuring her life out. Don’t rush her. Brittany’s favorite things include (but are not limited to): piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, not yoga, having half a brain, and obviously all things theater. If you’re also into any of these things, you should let her know.

Alexa is a freshman in Berkeley from New Jersey. Outside of theatre, she fills her time by reading, drinking coffee, and doing the playwriting thing. She has a lot of feelings about fonts and wishes she did not own so much Ben Nye makeup. 


1654072 10152019077914302 697753120 n

Operations Manager: Eliza Robertson, ES '17

The Operations Manager is one of two positions primarily concerned with development for the Dramat. Specifically, he or she works with the Treasurer to coordinate donations and fundraising for the organization. He or she also manages the box office along with the Outreach Coordinator and, while doing so, spearheads the donations efforts during the shows. In addition to this, the Operations Manager helps the shop managers manage their budgets and works closely with the Treasurer on budgetary and general financial procedures, including financial strike for shows. 


Eliza is a sophomore planning to major in either theatre studies or literature. She's equally proud to be an Okie (BOOMER SOONER!) and a member of the Stiles herd (GFM!). In addition to theatre, she enjoys coffee, yoga, and cuddle puddles, especially on days when all three come in that order.


avaOutreach Coordinator: 
Ava Hunt, ES '17
The Outreach Coordinator is one of two positions primarily concerned with development for the Dramat. Specifically, he or she works with the Vice President to create and maintain a complete alumni and parent mailing list and helps prepare and send the mailings themselves. He or she also manages the box office along with the Operations Manager and, while doing so, coordinates our fundraising for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids effort (BC/EFA) at shows. Furthermore, the Outreach Coordinator reaches out to the New Haven community to bring wider audiences to shows, focusing on the Dramat’s relationship with communities outside our membership, from alumni to the New Haven community, to the rest of the world.

Ava is a sophomore from New York City. When she is not in the theater she can be found playing her viola, baking cookies in the Stiles kitchen or taking pictures of sheep.

dramat photo 2014Assistant Special Events Coordinator:
Alicia Lovelace, BR '17

The Assistant Special Events Coordinator assists in the planning and execution of parties such as the Membership Dinner, the Senior Dinner, the Dramat Birthday Party, and the Welcoming Party. In addition, he or she helps to bring to campus exciting professionals from the theater industry to take part in our DRAMATalk Series, a program that features a conversation and/or a masterclass/workshop with noted guests throughout the semester. 

Alicia is from Los Angeles and thinks snowy winters are gnarly as hell. She is a History and Latin American Studies double major and even does a couple other things around campus, but none of them are as challenging, demanding, or important as assisting in the coordination of DRAMAT special events. Next Fall, Alicia will be 21 in the state of Connecticut. 

aliciaMedia and Archives Manager:
Sarah Cohen, BR '17

The Historian researches the history of the Dramat, and organizes, maintains, and supplements the existing Dramat archives. To that end, he or she contacts alumni and members of the Yale administration to discover more about the Dramat’s history and find more artifacts and information for the archives. He or she also integrates show paraphernalia such as programs and posters into the Dramat archives. In addition, the Historian is in charge of making video recordings of each Dramat show, scheduling a photo call, and documenting Dramat special events.

 Sarah is a freshman in Pierson who hails from Baltimore, Maryland, a town which regrettably has no quirky claims to fame and therefore doesn’t serve as a good interest catcher. When not proselytizing the genius of Meryl Streep and Stephen Sondheim, she can be found arguing fake legal cases, eating bagels, and sometimes reading books. At the moment, Sarah plans to major in English, Philosophy, or Theater Studies—but she’s open to other ways of being unemployable, too.


178620 10151313573799884 1481249861 o-2Assistant Production Officer:
Kate Pincus, CC '15

The Assistant Production Officer is responsible for working with the Production Officer to schedule training workshops, schedule load in and strike, set up fire drills, and coordinate Dramat Board key distribution. He or she is also responsible for maintaining the Crown Down rehearsal space and the Dramat Green Room, which includes managing Dramat office. He or she orders supplies, coordinates student rental requests with the various shop managers, and maintains the supplies and materials in each Dramat space. The Assistant Production Officer also keeps a calendar of all the spaces, and updates it with important show and association-related events. 


Kate is a senior English major in Calhoun College. She came to Yale without any previous theatrical experience, unless you count the breakout role of Ed in her summer camp's production of THE LION KING (she does not). She now splits her time as a producer and technical director, indulging her love for google docs and power tools. 



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Costume Shop Manager: Lizzy Emanuel, ES '17

The Costume Shop Manager is responsible for maintaining an efficient costume shop. This includes keeping an accurate inventory of the costumes and supplies the Dramat owns (and replenishing it when necessary), maintaining the equipment, managing the costume shop budget, and working with the costume designers to keep shop clean and orderly. He/she is responsible for the coordination and oversight of rentals, including both the rentals of Dramat-owned costumes to non-Dramat shows and the rentals of YSD-owned costumes by Dramat shows.


Lizzy Emanuel is a sophomore in Stiles from Rye, New York. She enjoys random facts, bakes cupcakes, and sometimes names her furniture. Fortunately, theater is a home where these and many other shenanigans are acceptable, if not prerequisites. 


Guest Relations Liaison: Anne Nelson, ES '18

The Guest Relations Liaison is the Dramat’s primary representative at all performances. He/she will maintain and enforce clear front-of-house policies that protectthe interests of the organization while creating a positive environment for our guest. He/she will work closely with the Operations Manager (who manages the box office) and the Yale School of Drama House Manager to foster a cohesive guest experience.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.11.58 PM Anne "Annie" Nelson is a freshman in Morse college from New York City. When not liasoning, Annie enjoys skiing, hiking, complaining and embarrassing herself with her stupid jokes. 


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