Dramat Membership

How to Become a Dramat Member

To become a member, one must work on three Dramat shows. Current membership regulations stipulate that one must perform at least ten hours' worth of work (be it tech, administration, or performance), and attend load-in and strike, for a show to count.

If you haven't worked in Yale theatre before, but would like to know about what's going on and to let us know about you, please fill out The Dramat Blue Card™, and we will contact you when the opportunities arise.


After meeting the aforementioned requirements, one becomes an official Dramat member by being inducted. Induction ceremonies follow strike for all Dramat shows. Following your third show, you will be called up to sign your name in the Dramat's Centennial Book and drink from the Cole Porter chalice. This chalice was a gift to Mr. Porter from his father after the opening of the play he wrote for the Dramat. It was then stolen by one of his friends and presented to the Dramat, where it has been passed down ever since. Before your induction is complete, you must swear an oath of allegiance to the Dramat: "To cleave wholly unto the Dramat, and to uphold its tradition of fine theater."

How to Continue Being a Dramat Member

One must work (at least ten hours, plus load-in and strike) per semester subsequent to being inducted as a Dramat member. There are lots of smaller jobs to do if your time is tight in a given semester, such as painting, run crew, follow-spot operation, box office managing, ushering, and so forth. There are no membership dues.

Membership Benefits

Upon being conferred their membership, Dramat members enjoy the following benefits:

  • A complimentary ticket to one performance of Dramat regular season productions. You can also receive complimentary tickets to any Yale Repertory Theater production and selected Yale School of Drama productions as long as seats are available; go on any night other than Saturday at 7:30pm and you must present your Dramat Membership Card. All box offices at Yale should have current membership lists.
  • The opportunity to run for Associate Board and Executive Board positions, and also the right to vote in general (i.e., Executive Board) elections.
  • Invitations to attend various membership events throughout the year. One such event is the Membership Dinner, to which we invite a famous person in the theater world. Past guests have included Ann Bogart, Al Pacino, and John Guare.
  • Invitations to the cast parties of all Dramat shows, as well as to the Dramat Birthday Party in the spring.
  • The Dramat periodically co-hosts Master's Teas (in conjunction with the residential colleges). Some recent tea guests have included: Moises Kaufman, playwright of The Laramie Project and founder of the Tectonic Theater Project; Keythe Farley, writer and director of Bat Boy, and vocal director of "Rugrats" Stephen Adly Guirgis, playwright of Jesus Hopped the A Train and Our Lady of 121st Street; Bobby Lopez, Tony-award winning writer of Avenue Q, and Barry Humphries, better known as his character of Dame Edna. Many of these guests were subsequently inducted as honorary members.
  • Dramat members are also eligible for various outside opportunities that arise throughout the year. A few recent opportunities have included: being production assistants and extras in location filming for Columbia Pictures' Mona Lisa Smile, starring Julia Roberts; performing in an original play written by a Dramat alumnus; and working at the production company that runs the Tony Awards® and produces Broadway shows.

Current Dramat Membership


Alexi Sargeant

Ben Symons

Catherine Chiocchi

Colleen McDermott

David Shatan-Pardo

Derek Braverman

Eric Sirakian

Geoff Smith

Ian Miller

Javier Cienfuegos

Jonathan Lian

Karolina Ksiazek

Kyle Yoder

Laurel German

Leah Osterman

Lucie Ledbetter

Marisa Kaugars

Miranda Rizzolo

Nikki Teran

Seth Lifland

Shannon Csorny

Stephanie Adcock

Stuart Teal

Tess McCann

Tim Creavin

Tim Laciano


Angeline Wang

Brooke Lamell

Charles Lehman 

Charlotte Newell

Chris Homburger

Conor Bagley

Dan Rubins

Dave Harris

David McPeek

Douglas Streat

Eli Block

Ezriel Gelbfish

Fil Babalievsky

Gabriella Heifetz

Gineiris Garcia

Gracie White

Harry Shamansky

Henry Tisch

Jacob Osborne

Jessica Hernandez

Kellee Richards

Lucy Fleming

Natalie Punzak

Phil Jameson

Rebecca Brudner

Robert Loweth

Roger Pellegrini

Shoshi Bieler

Simone Policano

Vivath Ly


Alicia Lovelace

Alison Mosier-Mills

Anya Markowitz

Ava Hunt

Billy Cavell

Brendan Hopkins

Brittany Stollar

Elaine Zhang

Eleanor Slota

Eliza Robertson

Greg Suralik

Hannah Friedman

Hannah Worscheh

Irina Gavrilova

Isabella Giovannini

Jill Carrera

Jon Terry

Julian Hornik

Laurel Lehman 

Lidiya Kukova

Margaret Gleberman

Marianna Gailus

Natalie Rose Schwartz

Sam Levatich

Sharon Welch

Solon Snider

Sophia Eller

Stephanie Addenbrooke

Susannah Hyde

Xinyuan Chen

Zack Elkind

Zoe Huber-Weiss


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